Second Skin - Turn the beat around

Premiere: 25th of May 2016
Tanzquartier Wien

What if our most idiotic dark twisted pleasures were not something superficial and deceptive but would rather contain the deepest grains of our own history, our troubles, individual and collective, present and past.

What if the commodified pleasures offered by popular culture turned around the beat of a collectively felt sense of injustice and oppression?

What if the shared pleasures of popular culture would envelope our collectively shared sense of oppression like a fancy semi-transparent dress envelopes a body that is at the same time veiled and revealed?

And what if Rihanna and Puff Daddy could teach us something smart about capitalism and disability?

Messing around with concepts of visibility and invisibility, affect and representation, labor and capital, boredom and excitement, 'Second Skin - Turn the beat around' decomposes the format of the (hip hop) music video into its various surfaces, engages slowness, repetition and pauses and thereby proposes a crip temporality which embraces at the same time negativity as well as pleasure.