Premiere: 8th of March 2018

REVERBERATIONS is a tentative choreographic set up that positions itself within three discursive coordinates: a discourse around temporality and futurity informed by crip theory and afro-futurism, a discourse on disability, embodiment and solidarity and a discourse on vibrational ontology.

When the repercussions of our past vibrate through our bodies, how can we resonate with each other across the distances that now separate us?

REVERBERATIONS is a journey into the depth of what matters, a choreographic time machine moving towards a future inherited by what might be called “visceral solidarity”, an organic or even anorganic solidarity, grounded in micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic vibrational force.

It is a permission and a challenge to tune in into the frequencies of the space invader and an invitation to embrace the empowering reverberations of an alien encounter.

Weaving together Dub Music’s fractured, echoing, heavy bass soundscapes with a multitude of diverse moving bodies, REVERBERATIONS opens up a space of “ecstatic contemplation” and therein unfolds as a lively pulsating, sonic-somatic texture to be witnessed, felt and recollected, beyond the horizon of its own ephemerality, in remembrance of the not yet.