My body, your pleasure

Premiere: 5th of Juli 2014
Mo.ë, Wien

My body, your pleasure: a relationship on shaky ground. Between us, not only: my restrictions, your restrictions, physical, affective; rather: Between us, also: the logic of the capitalist exchange of commodities, the wish to make a good deal, and their Who is their? Maybe ‘the‘ is meant? respective aesthetics, the promise through appearance, appeal, optical Unclear why the words change from nouns (appearance appeal) to adjectives (optics, acoustics, performative.) I assume there is a reason, but it is odd to read it this way and doesn’t really seem to be necessary? So it could be optics, acoustics … performance. , acoustic, and, last but not least, performative.

And now?

If we can escape neither our restrictions in regard to material and immaterial virtuosity, nor capitalism with its aesthetics of consumption, maybe we should use the transformative power of both and put together a possibly stuttering, but all the more subversive remix.

Because capitalism also has something good: it detaches us from our traditional bonds and makes it possible, in principle, to connect everything anew: Jamaican dancehall culture, queer rap, disabled corporality, ghetto-aesthetics…. We focus, in our almost childish play, on a polymorphic pleasure, that might be precarious, but is not necessarily bound to any specific place, form, body or body part

We do this by resisting the compositional, dancing, affective virtuosity, by putting all the above-mentioned side by side and thus creating, not so much a symphony, but a kind of choreographic YouTube playlist.

So, let us dance a heartfelt “fuck you” towards the modern fetish of the form; let us state the tenderness of the raw; let us deterritorialise the sex-appeal of shaking.