Foto: Raffael Stiborek

Everything you wanted to know about crip choreography but were afraid to ask

Friday, 31st of March and Saturday 1st of April 2017, Media Campus Z├╝rich
IntegrART, a Migros Culture Percentage networking project, actively supports the inclusion of artists with a disability within art and society.

Michael Turinsky defines crip choreography as a critical artistic practice that takes its departure from the singularity of lived experience, its spatial and temporal, affective and libidinal facticity.

From there it takes a leap towards a complexity of ideas relating to disability, politics and/or aesthetics.

So, it will be about to do both: move and feel as well as think and talk.
In between we'll just mess around a bit, or rest and relax or follow the dark edge of our sweetest dreams.

Core issues that will be explored are

  • Affect and representation
  • Stillness, slowness and repetition
  • Vibration and pulse, regular and irregular
  • Shape and image
  • Hypervisibility and invisibility
  • Negativity and pleasure