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Narcissus project 

Premiere: 3rd of December 2010

Tanz*Hotel, Vienna


Choreography for five dancers with and without disabilities

Departing from the antique figure of Narcissus, this project explores the intimate relation of the human subject with its origin: water, mirroring, gender. Some images are distanced, some sensual, some powerful.  They allow the performers to reflect on this origin as a driving force for the desire of “arrival” that is constitutive for the subject. Dealing with the sadness about bygones, the violence inscribed in a rigid individual or collective building of identity, or the stage as a place of “diving in” and “projecting” - Narcissus Project becomes a danced reflection of the static and fluidity of our self-images.


Choreography: Michael Turinsky
Dance / Choreographic Input: Tanja Erhart, Maria Christina Hilber, Franz Nachbauer, Thomas Richter, Gabi Seeleitner
Production Management: Sonja Browne
Supported by: Tanz*Hotel (Coaching: Bert Gstettner)