THAT THING - Mixed Abilities

Field Project at ImPulsTanz, Vienna International Dance Festival

24th to 28th of July 2017 - Rehearsal stage of Volksoper Wien

What does it mean, or better: how does it feel to present oneself as an OBJECT? To relate to others as objects? And simultaneously maintain our subjectivity – each and everyone in their own right? How can we create and experience collectiveness through relating to a third shared thing? Do we actually need the thing to be together? And how do we negotiate corporeal differences in ritualised ecstasy?

How do you feel about minimalism, spectacle and politics?
In the frame of the Field Project THAT THING, departing from my own choreographic practice, oscillating between body and discourse we will explore the ambivalence or ambiguity of thingness as a focus of collectiveness and relatedness.
We will not only direct our attention towards the concept of fetishism with its various religious, sexual, racism- and economy-critical connotations. Oscillating between affirmation and critique, we will also delve into the recent turn towards the "thing" in contemporary choreography and dance theory. Finally we will reflect on the impact of thingness as a means of centring ritualistic and ritualised practice. To what extent does the "thing" reflect back differences and contradictions as a "black mirror" in a "sound" way? And to what extent does choreography itself appear as that curious, dark-iridescent thing, which gathers a collective into an unusual simultaneousness, in order to reflect back to that collective its own (un-)recognisably distorted contradictions and differences in a sound form?

Some ideas we will explore:
• Intentionality and unintentionality, the body as subject and object
• Pulse and vibration, regular and irregular, shaking
• Posture and pose
• Crip temporality: expansion of time / slowness, repetition
• Symmetry (of the body halves) and minimal deviation
• Duet-improvisation qua focus on a mutual object
• Authentic Movement and formalisation (composition as "reading" the formal tendencies of the material)
• Fake Ritual


Foto: Raffael Stiborek


“Everything you wanted to know

about crip choreography but were

afraid to ask”

Friday, 31st of March and Saturday 1st April 2017, Media Campus Zürich

IntegrART, a Migros Culture Percentage

networking project, actively supports the

inclusion of artists with a disability

within art and society.

Michael Turinsky defines crip choreography as a critical

artistic practice that takes its departure from the singularity

of lived experience, its spatial and temporal, affective and

libidinal facticity. From there it takes a leap towards a

complexity of ideas relating to disability, politics and/or

aesthetics. So, it will be about to do both: move and feel as

well as think and talk. In between we’ll just mess around a

bit, or rest and relax or follow the dark edge of our sweetest

dreams. Core issues that will be explored are:

• Affect and representation

• Stillness, slowness and repetition

• Vibration and pulse, regular and irregular

• Shape and image

• Hypervisibility and invisibility

• Negativity and pleasure


Foto: Raffael Stiborek