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Second Skin - Master of Ceremony

Premiere: 16th of December 2016



Setting out from the motif of the mask as “fetish” in the word’s broader sense, “Second Skin – Master of Ceremony” unfolds the affective dynamics of specific régimes of the gaze and their relation to desire and aversion, appropriation and alienation, incorporation and expulsion, attention and avoidance, acknowledgement and reification, subjugation and empowerment. Sound and image in their mutual relation of tension and resonance here prove to be the basic media of negotiating the own and the alien.

Choreography, Performance: Michael Turinsky
Dramaturgical Advice: Wolf Lamsa
Costume: Devi Saha
Sound: Gustavo Petek
Project Management: Angela Vadori
Assistence: Paula Galimany

Verein für philosophische Praxis in cooperation with nadaLokal Wien.
Supported Culture City of Vienna and Federal Chancellery.